Bessette Motor Works - (508) 248 - 0133 - "A Complete Automotive Machine Shop"

“A Complete Automotive Machine Shop”

39 Cemetery Rd
Charlton, MA 01507

(508) 248-0133

Welcome to Bessette Motor Works!

Bessette Motor Works is a complete automotive machine shop. We use only the finest equipment available and we have been rebuilding engines since 1969.   We service all types of engines, from lawnmowers to diesel trucks. Bessette Motor Works is a full line engine repair/rebuildingfacility.                  
We are a custom rebuilder -not a mass rebuilder. We pride ourselves on quality not quantity. That means you get one on one service. We work with the customer to come up with a solution that makes the  most sense within your budget.                                       Bessette Motor Works offers outstanding rebuilding, repair and overhauling services for your car, truck, boat, commercial equipment, off road vehicle, antique car, muscle cars or what ever you have that runs. If it ran once we can make it run again.             Need a quote or just some advice-call us.                                                     Need just a part? Call us - we have a

hugh network of warehouses we purchase from.                                     Need help with you project? Call us - we have a number of quality facillities we can contact for you.

Mechanic holding a wrench over an engineA restored 340 four barrel engine
Hours of Operation:
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

At Bessette Motor Works our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.