What do you do when your not working in the shop? You go Drag Racing! We're talking Top Fuel Dragsters---Nitromethane!!!!!!!



Grand Bend Ontario 2009. Bobby Lagana Jr. and the Twlight Zone Top Fuel Team

Kind of looks like a Top Fuel driver (maybe not)

Getting ready to seat the clutch.

Armand Bessette and Ric DuChene owner of the Nitro Funnay car "Trial N Error" talking buisness

Getting ready to seating the clutch in on car #2

Dominic Lagana qualifying #3- great run

What do you do after the race? Beat on your golf cart. Check out Bobbys right arm on the seat back. Mr. relaxed

Ooops. Better here than on the race track.

Bobby Lagana Jr. getting real sideways and almost hitting the wall.

-----NHRA Arizona Nationals - February 20th.  2010--------


Armand Bessette with Gary Densham.

Armand Bessette with Ron Capps.


Armand Bessette with Robert Hight.